A&R Incorporated is a Utah-based company that was founded in January 2003 and has grown over the year since its inception in a variety of engineering services including requirements analysis, design, development, help desk services, consulting, deployment, environmental engineering and data systems.

A&R thoroughly understands Federal Government contracting, deliverables, security procedures, funding, etc., and requires no more mentoring than companies like Northrop Grumman or Lockheed-Martin. A&R's technical leads have already successfully managed software development, deployment, and sustainment tasks. Many of those systems had annual budgets ranging from $1-6M per year, some as high as $10M.

A&R's task management organization is structured to facilitate the efficient delivery of support services, while providing the controls required which ensure compliance with quality assurance provisions (standards), contract requirements, organizational policies, and Federal regulations.

Our senior management is located in Ogden, Utah.

Work Background

Software Engineering and Networking

Website Design and Development

Corporate Training

Firestorm Database Management

Published with the Air and Waste Management Association

Presenter at several environmental conferences

Military Background

Data Processor 2 (Enlisted)

Intelligence Officer

Fun Things We Do!

Journey Across America

Space Camp

Learning to Fly an Airplane

Lego Land

Family Visits in Louisiana